Disability on the Agenda.

Disability on the Agenda… although (according to the ONS figures) the employment gap has decreased in regard to people with a disability in full time employment. We recently held a presentation in regard to the recruitment landscape for 2021 and part of the presentation was ‘how to improve diversity within and organisations workforce?’. We see diversity encompassing all under represented communities, including people with a disability. With organisations allowing their teams to work flexibly from home, this is an ideal opportunity for companies who want to improve their diversity, to gain access to people who are recognised as disabled who have the right skills but currently find it difficult to travel into the workplace. We all know that diverse workplaces become more productive and return higher profits than those that aren’t as diverse. Call us now to see how can help your organisation become more diverse and If you want to read further why employing people with a disability makes sense, #disability #recruitment #diversity click this link….

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