Val Wade Recruitment brings over 4 decades of experience


Over the past 4 decades we have developed a reputation as one of London’s leading recruitment agencies operating within the higher education, not-for-profit, cultural and heritage sectors, building a strong reputation within the professional services sector. 

Our mission is to deliver dynamic and insightful recruitment solutions that are relevant and tailored to our clients and candidates,  working with some of the UK’s leading recognised brands in helping them find permanent and temporary staff. Having the  ability to build long-term strategic relationships with all of our clients ensures that we add and create social and economic value to the recruitment process.

As a specialist recruitment agency we are able to leverage certain competitive advantages over larger agencies, allowing us to offer a more personalised service to both clients and candidates. We develop close relationships with our clients, understanding their specific needs and culture, leading to better candidate matches and higher client satisfaction.’

‘ 7  reasons that give us our
competitive advantage ‘

1. Agility and flexibility; Is a key feature of our organisation. We are more agile and flexible in our operations and can quickly adapt to changes in the market, adopt new technologies;  adjusting our strategies to meet evolving client demands, which is harder for  more bureaucratic organisations to do. We don’t have to deal with the same level of bureaucracy, office space expenses or large employee salaries, enabling us to be more cost-competitive and potentially offering better rates to clients.

2. A  Focus On Specific Industries; This specialisation allows us to develop in-depth knowledge, networks, and insights that larger agencies may not possess – giving us a competitive edge in serving clients within those niches.

3. Faster Decision-Making; We have a flatter organisational structure, which means decision-making processes are quicker and more efficient. This can be beneficial in responding to our client’s requirements – Placing candidates faster, providing a competitive advantage over larger agencies that might have more complex decision-making hierarchies.

4. Strong Candidate Relationships; We  build strong relationships with our candidates and maintain regular contact throughout the hiring process and beyond. This personalised touch and consistent communication can result in better candidate loyalty and referrals – creating value for our clients.

5. Focus on Quality over Quantity; We prioritise the quality of placements rather than aiming for sheer volume. We are more invested in finding the right fit for both clients and candidates, leading to more successful long-term placements.

6. Customised Solutions; We are more flexible in creating customised solutions for our clients. We adapt our services based on the unique requirements and constraints of each of our clients, leading to more successful outcomes.

7. Local Knowledge and Presence; We have a strong local presence which gives us an advantage in understanding the nuances of the local job market and cultural dynamics. This local knowledge can be invaluable in sourcing the right candidates for niche roles.

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