Age Discrimination…

Age discrimination is more than a mere statistic.

It’s an issue that affects individuals, workplaces, and society as a whole. Understanding why some companies may not see this as a problem should be a concern to us all. The Invisible Bias… Age discrimination often goes unnoticed (a silent barrier) as it doesn’t always manifest as overt acts. Instead, it often lurks in unconscious biases that affect hiring, promotions and retention.

The “Innovation” Myth..some companies erroneously believe that a younger workforce is synonymous with, creativity, innovation and adaptability. However, age-diverse teams bring a wealth of experience and diverse perspectives, which can foster innovation in ways that homogenous groups cannot.  When companies neglect age diversity, they miss out on fresh ideas and creativity.

Companies that embrace all generations in their workforce gain a competitive edge. A diverse team reflects a diverse customer base, leading to better decision-making and a stronger bottom line. Another reason companies might not address age discrimination is the perception that it’s a non-issue or less urgent than other diversity and inclusion matters. This misconception needs quashing – age diversity is as vital as any other form of diversity. Firstly, companies need to acknowledge that age discrimination exists within their organisation and promote awareness and provide training to combat unconscious bias at all levels. It’s time for organisations to recognise that age discrimination is not just a problem for individuals; it’s a challenge that affects us all. Let’s work together to build a more inclusive future for everyone.  Follow this link to download a Toolkit that will help beat age discrimination in the workplace…

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