Colleen Paulse

Office Manager

Colleen is originally from South Africa and joined the team at Val Wade Recruitment in 2012 as a their main Resourcer, after a few years Colleen moved into the Office Manager role.

Colleen’s strengths have been drawn from her previous experiences working in various industries where she provided strong administration and customer support. Colleen likes to class herself as  an all-rounder and her day to day role includes; searching through many CVs and matching candidates with suitable job roles, ensuring candidates are assisted through their recruitment journey. The Val Wade team keep Colleen very busy and she is always happy in assisting them in every aspect of their work, ensuring the smooth running of the office. Colleen, known as ‘Quick Draw McGraw’ with her impressive reflexes and hand to eye co-ordination, has an uncanny knack of answering the telephone before any of the team and if she was born in the USA as a cowboy,  would be a feared ‘Gunslinger’.

Like all people who hail from the Southern Hemisphere, Colleen gets great pleasure when she’s able to travel and explore new countries, Colleen enjoys most of the places she has visited, with Paris being her favourite city. Colleen loves food! particularly eating Thai and Indian cuisine and enjoys regular trips to all of the food markets in and around London. Colleen has a great social life catching up with friends and occasionally you will find her working out in the local gym!

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