Val Wade


Val Wade is the brains behind the organisation. Having reached senior management level at one of the UK’s leading recruitment agencies Val took the plunge over 30 years ago to set up Val Wade Recruitment. During this time Val has seen many changes in the recruitment industry and has personally placed 1000s candidates into great jobs, helping them to carve out their careers. She has built the company into an organisation that is recognised as one of London’s leading recruitment agencies for office support staff, working with some of the UK’s leading brands. Val has an expert understanding of the Human Resource function and prides herself in her extensive knowledge of different markets and industry sectors, which her clients find is an invaluable resource. Although Val has handed the reins over to Emma, she still maintains her involvement by continuing as Chair of the company.

Originally from the North, (not Hampstead, more Darlington) Val now resides in the leafy opulence of Kew, allowing her to indulge in her favourite pastimes of gardening, shopping and managing her hair. Not one to get overly excited, Val prefers quiet meals out with friends and family, all bets are off though when Rod Stewart is playing live or on the radio, then Val will really give her team a run for their money on the dance floor.

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