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Temping with Val Wade Recruitment.

We will let you know as soon as any suitable temp work becomes available, this is sometimes based on a first come first served basis so please make sure you have your phone with you. For the shorter term temp work it is usually a case of the client taking our recommendation and us booking you into the role, however we may sometimes have to send your CV and you may even have to interview for the temp work (please see our interview tips link). Once you are booked into a temp role we will give you all the information required – dates, times, hourly rate and dress code.
Once you have started your assignment do let us know how you are getting on.


Timesheets and Payments.
Please send your signed /approved Timesheet to us on time – by the end of Friday at the latest.
It must be signed by the client.  We use a digital Timesheet app which can be downloaded here  or desktop access here   if we do not receive a signed Timesheet from you on time, we will not be able to pay you for that week.

Holiday Pay
Once you start temping with us you will be entitled to holiday pay – download the form here  Holiday Pay Request Form

How much leave am I entitled to?
All worked are entitled to 28 days paid annual leave in any leave year. If you do not work full-time then this will be on a pro-rata basis.

When does my holiday year start?
Your holiday year will start on the first day of your employment with Val Wade Recruitment.

Do I accrue holiday pay on all of the hours worked?

How much notice do I need to give Val Wade Recruitment if I want to take holiday?
A week if possible, if you do have a holiday request email with your completed holiday request form.

When will I get paid holiday pay?
As with all payment from Val Wade Recruitment, your holiday pay will be paid a week in arrears in line with your holiday requests.

How do you calculate home much holiday pay I am entitled to?
Your holiday pay is calculated at 12.07% of your hourly rate. 

What if I want to take more holiday than I have accrued?
You are only entitled to holiday pay for holiday you have accrued. If you wish to take a longer holiday, we will pay you holiday pay for the number of days you have accrued and the rest can be taken as unpaid leave by arrangement with Val Wade Recruitment Ltd.

Do I automatically get holiday pay paid on bank holidays?
No. However, if you wish to take a day’s holiday on a bank holiday please advise us in the usual way and you will be paid the relevant accrued holiday pay.

Is holiday pay shown on my payslip?
Yes. The amount of holiday pay that you accrue for the week will be shown on your payslip as ‘Hol Pay for Week’. On weeks when you are not taking holiday, this will show in the ‘Before Tax Items’ section. Under the ‘Details this Week’ section your ‘Gross Taxable’ will show your cumulative salary plus holiday pay received.

When I stop temping will I receive any accrued holiday pay?
Yes, when we issue you with a P45 you will receive any outstanding holiday pay due to you in your final payslip. To receive your P45 please complete the P45 request form Download here.

How do I know how much holiday I have accrued or have left to take?
We will keep a record of all holiday accrued and payments made, however, you should also keep your own records including payslips.

Does the temporary rate you quote me include holiday pay?
We will quote you a basic hourly rate for a temp booking and will also tell you what the rate will be with the holiday pay accrued. However, please remember that it is the basic rate you will receive each week and you will only receive holiday pay when you have requested to take holiday.

P45 Information
You get a P45 from your employer when you stop working with them. It’s a record of your pay and the tax that’s been deducted from it so far in the tax year. It shows your tax code and PAYE (Pay As You Earn) reference number, your National Insurance number, your leaving date, your earnings in the tax year and how much tax was deducted from your earnings. Your P45 is an important document which cannot be duplicated. It is your responsibility to ensure it is kept in a safe place. If you want to claim back tax, you will need the original P45. Part 1 is your copy to keep and you hand in parts 2 and 3 to your employer. If you are no longer working for Val Wade Recruitment as a temporary worker and you want to request a P45 please complete our P45 request form and email to .

What if I don’t have a P45 from a previous employer?
Complete a new starter form and return to   Starter Form Download

Agency Worker Regulations.

What is the agency worker regulations?
The Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) came into effect in October 2011. The regulations give temps the right to equal treatment in terms of the same basic working and employment conditions as they would have been entitled to had they been recruited directly by the client to do the same job. These rights will commence after the temp has worked for the client in the same role for 12 weeks.
What does equal treatment mean?
Equal treatment means that the temp must have the same basic working and employment conditions relating to:
• Pay – includes basic salary, bonuses or commission attributed to the individuals performance but not based on company performance, overtime payments, holiday pay.
• Does not include – pensions, childcare vouchers, occupational sick pay, redundancy pay, share option schemes, maternity / adoption pay, loyalty bonuses, health / life insurance)
• Duration of working time
• Rest breaks
• Annual leave

Will there be changes to my holiday entitlement?
Temps are already entitled to the statutory annual leave of 28 days (pro rata). Temps who qualify for equal treatment will be entitled to any additional holiday entitlement the client gives to someone recruited directly.

What is the 12 week qualifying period?
You will be entitled to equal treatment once you have worked for 12 weeks in the same role, at the same organisation.
A new qualifying period will begin only if a new assignment with the same client is substantively different, or if there is a breach of more than 6 weeks between assignments in the same role.
Val Wade Recruitment Ltd will work closely with temps to ensure that you are advised of any changes to pay and employment conditions.

Pensions for temps.

Am I entitled to a pension?
Yes if you are:
•  22 or more years old
•  Younger than the state pension age
•  Earning the equivalent of £10,000 or more a year – £111 a week or £481 a month
•  Are not already a member of a qualifying workplace pension scheme

What happens if I am eligible?

• Following 13 weeks of temping you will be opted into the Val Wade Pension scheme, you will receive a welcome pack from our pension provider and your contributions will begin to be deducted from your pay any time that you earn more than £111 a week. Val Wade will also make a contribution of a minimum of 3%. If you would like to find out more please follow this link 
• If you are automatically enrolled you will have 1 month to opt out
• If you are not automatically enrolled you can ask to be enrolled if you so choose.
• You cannot opt out of automatic enrolment until you have been automatically enrolled and have received a welcome pack from the provider, this will not be until a few days after you have received your first payslip. The welcome pack will include details of how to opt out.

You can find additional information about pensions and saving for your retirement at\workplacepensions

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