Emma Darbyshire

Managing Director

Emma is the head honcho. Having previously worked in IT recruitment for a short while, she vowed never again to work in recruitment however she was pleasantly surprised to come across an agency who truly had the clients and candidates best interests at heart. Hence the reason she has been here for over 20 years! Since the year 2000 to be exact.

She has built up a strong client and candidate network over the years and understands how hard but rewarding it is to find the perfect candidate for the perfect role.

Outside of work Emma enjoys the outdoors and spends time walking with her partner, Betty the dog and Aubrey her 6 year old son. Aubrey likes nothing better than engaging her in activities such as roman marching, charging and attacking, playmobile soldier formations (hundreds) and ninja fighting, generally keeping her on her toes. Gardening and music are big passions so Friday nights in are usually spent either with the Monty Don or the Pete Tong with a glass of wine.

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