Noah Smith

Business Development

Noah is Head of Business Development, he is responsible for
creating and implementing a dynamic organisation-wide digital communications strategy, supporting Val Wade’s corporate objectives and ensuring the  mission, message and brand are used professionally and effectively across all digital platforms.  From the management of the main website, through to third party websites he ensures  the strategic and tactical use of social media to manage our key messaging. Before joining Val Wade, Noah’s career has been mainly spent within the creative industry and he recently completed his masters in Business Administration, focusing  on business growth strategy, which he has brought to compliment the team at Val wade.

Noah is unique… born and bred in the centre of London, he often gets stopped by intrigued tourists and passerbys,  asking him to  display his extensive knowledge of a distant language ‘Cockney Rhyming Slang’ he usually combines this with a quick rendition of a local Morris dance.  Outside of work,  Noah demonstrates his love and skill in the kitchen by cooking up some culinary classics for his large family of eager diners, he also loves to eat what he cooks which creates constant tension with his waist line!

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